Insight on how much you have spent, who and what you spent it on.

Your Sparkle account gives you a full breakdown of expenses and transactions. Get your expense and transactions analyzed and measured per day, weekly or monthly, to then provide rich data on what expenses to watch and how best to manage them.

Your entire expense and transaction details get analysed and measured daily
Manage your Business accounting, store keeping & payment request

Categorizing and tagging your payments and transactions

Sparkle adds your payments and transactions into various tags and categories like eating out, utilities, transportation, housing, entertainment, health, family and friends etc., to give you a breakdown overview on how you spend.

The categorization and tagging areautomated but users can manually do it to get rich real-time data and analysis.

Monthly Interactive Statement & Payment Insight

Sparkle offers our insightful Sparklers a monthly statement that is not just comprehensive and analytical, but also fun and engaging. An interactive monthly overview expense manager that shows you what exactly you spent your money on in a month.

Manage your Business accounting, store keeping & payment request

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