What is sparkle business?

Everything you need for your business at the tip of your fingers

Sparkle Business helps small and medium enterprises manage their business in the most simplest and efficient way possible.
The only business account that requires zero documentation for opening an account, aids in tax remittance and inventory management, all done on your mobile phone.

With Sparkle it is more than just banking, it is improving  your financial lifestyle
Open a Sparkle Business Account with no documentation

Business Account Opening

Open a Sparkle Business Account with no documentation

Sparkle Business Account was made for Sparkle personal account owners who have a TIN (Tax Identification Number) and looking for a simple, transparent and trustworthy account so they can improve their business significantly.

We also have a business support platform that not only helps but also gives you the opportunity to do the following:

  • Register your new business & company name.
  • Apply for a new tax identification number
  • Edit your tax identification number info.
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Business insight and productivity

Revenue, Customers, Sales and Expenses

Monitor your business activities by managing your products and customers, all from your device. Identify top selling products and customers with the highest patronage. Improve your revenue as well as manage your business expenses.

With Sparkle business you can improve your business productivity by keeping track and managing your business metrics, all on the go.

Analyse Business insight and productivity
Manage your workers and employees payroll and salaries

Taxation & Payroll

Employee Management, Payroll, Tax Remittance

With our easy to use mobile application you can manage your workers and employees payroll and salaries payment to sparkle and various other bank accounts.

A sub-account is made available for you on your sparkle business that houses all your tax deductions and returns giving your timely update for remittance and tax payments.


Business accounting, store keeping & payment request

Sparkle business integrates accounting tools as you get visibility and more control of your business products with inventory management and sparkle smart invoice.

You can manage your product store count as well as send invoices to customers with our smart invoice that aids in discount making and VAT analysis.

Manage your Business accounting, store keeping & payment request

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