It’s time to be free

Explore an easy and better way to save, make payments, manage your money and your business whenever you want, wherever you are!

The freedom and transparency your money deserves

A breakdown of how you spend your money and where you spent them.
A fun and creative way of saving for different goals at the same time
Inventory management, invoicing and tax calculation and remittance for your business.
A friendly chatbot as your personal financial advisor and lifestyle concierge.

A lifestyle and financial ecosystem that helps you fulfil your potential – mobile, simple, personalised.

No Hidden Fees
No extra charges on your transactions, everything is clear and open for you to see.
Split Bills
Share expenses with friends and family in a fun way at no extra cost.
Collaborate with Merchants
Team up with other businesses and get incentives and discounts.
Safe and Secure
We are more than 5 times better at preventing fraud, and four times better at stopping account takeovers.
Pay Bills
Take control of your bills. Pay for different kinds of bills from the comfort of your home or office
Manage Your Money
Get instant notifications for all your transactions the second they happen. No delays

An all new financial experience and premium lifestyle enabler

We give you the freedom to not worry about the unexpected... to do more as an individual and be more as a business.

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