How Digital Technology Unlocks a New Type of Freedom

How Digital Technology Unlocks a New Type of Freedom

By Sparkle Nigeria on September 30th, 2022 in Technology | 4 min read

Happy Independence day!

We're not going to bore you with stories of how the Queen handed over the country in 1960 or other tales you've probably heard from your uncles and grandparents, instead, we’ll talk about how digital technology empowers your freedom.

Before we jump ahead, let's settle this…

“Independence vs freedom”

A quick Google search of the above words will return millions of results on their differences and similarities. Whichever one you choose, we’ll use them interchangeably for the sake of simplicity, so let’s move on…

Computers, internet, and mobile technology marked the beginning of the digital era. Now, there are more innovations like AI and the Internet of Things (IoT) that make life simple and give you a better way of living. You can explore your potential better with the massive amounts of information available at lightning speed - what wasn’t possible in the 1960s.

You are now free than ever ⏭

  • Free to be private or anonymous
  • Free to live and work in different places
  • Free to choose who you do business with
  • Free to choose who you trust with your money

The digital era means you have the freedom to create your world, a world that suits your lifestyle.

At Sparkle, we give you the freedom and transparency to improve your financial lifestyle.

How digital technology empowers your freedom

🔐 Freedom of privacy

This means you alone have the most control over your personal information. What are you willing to share? How should it be used? Being able to decide how much of your data can be accessed and used by service providers puts you in control of your information. It gives you a sense of security and comfort knowing that you can grant access to your data only to trusted parties.

Nowadays, big tech organizations have complex algorithms that can mimic your lifestyle and day-to-day activities. Regulators are however still cracking down on organizations to ensure they request your permission before collecting your data, unless in extraordinary circumstances.

Remember the cookie consent notification that pops up on every new website you visit? They are simply asking for permission to collect, store, sell or use your data. If only they could write it this simple, right 🤦🏿‍♀️

Quick question: How often do you read those terms before agreeing?

🛬 Freedom of location (aka location independence)

Visas, immigration laws, and border controls are some of the constraints that prevent you from traveling the world as you desire. Virtual RealityWith VR technology, you can work in simulated real-life environments

Freedom of location means you can now live, work, play, and experience your favorite places like museums, stadiums, and airports without being there physically. The technologies that make this possible include augmented reality, virtual reality, virtual private networks (VPN), 360-degree maps, and the metaverse.

👥 Freedom from monopoly

Customer is king! How often do you come across this phrase?

Yes, you are the king 👑

You have so much willpower to choose who you do business with. If a business no longer satisfies your needs, there are several resources (comparison websites, free trials, sign-up bonus, etc) at your disposal to help you try other businesses that can serve you better.

💰 Freedom with your finance

Smartphones and the internet disrupted the banking and finance industry, giving you more freedom to operate your personal or business account from your phone or computer.

You can open a Sparkle account in less than 5 minutes with no documents or long bank queues. You can also split bills with your friends, roommates, or family members on the Sparkle app.

Do you need a loan to expand your business?

Good! The digital life is simple, it brings creditors to your fingertips. Gone are the days when your loan application can be declined because you are not affluently dressed or do not possess certain educational qualifications. With online lending platforms, you can get loans in minutes.

Want to spend your last 2k on a bowl of ice cream? Yes, proceed! Meme


Digital technologies are the frontier of our current way of life. They made life simple and gives us freedom in unimaginable ways. At Sparkle, our mission is to give you the freedom to a better financial lifestyle. So we want to ask; what does freedom mean to you?

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