Adulting: 3 Simple Ways to Free Yourself from Financial Pressure

Adulting: 3 Simple Ways to Free Yourself from Financial Pressure

By Sparkle Nigeria on October 23rd, 2022 in Finance | 4 min read

Is Adulthood really a scam?

We can't tell for sure but it does look so, at least according to that popular ‘Adulthood na scam' Anthem. One moment, you're shining bright - all smiles, and the next you're zoned out thinking about money 🤔 💸

Being an adult has many responsibilities, including managing money. And if that isn’t going well, it may seem like nothing else will.

In this post, we'll talk about how you can reduce the burden of financial pressure in three simple ways. But before that,

What is financial pressure?

Financial pressure occurs when money worries are causing you stress. It's a moment filled with anxiety and emotional turmoil.

It can be caused by overdue rent, recurrent bills, upcoming expenses, debt repayments, or future money concerns.

Financial pressure affects your general well-being as you're always in fear of what could happen if you cannot keep up.

Signs of financial pressure

👉🏾 Arguing with friends and family over money

👉🏾 Difficulty sleeping - mentally checking and balancing your finances every night

👉🏾 Cutting back on necessities

👉🏾 Guilty feeling when paying for non-essential items

👉🏾 Financial pressure also affects your social interaction. You're cautious about going out so as not to spend money.

Ways to reduce your financial pressure

1. Focus on what you can control

Understand that there's no magic wand to make all your money problems go away overnight.

It pays to focus on issues within your power rather than becoming frustrated and dwelling on what you can't control.

✅ List the sources of your money worries

✅ Keep your list short so you are not overwhelmed

✅ Erase what you can't control and focus on the rest. For example, you can decide not to buy the 10k aso-ebi for an upcoming wedding and just be a guest at the wedding.

✅ Revisit your list every three to six months to know how you've improved.

2. Make the most of your income

"Spend your money wisely!"

How often do you hear this saying?

It's one of those "common sense is not common" situations. You want to enjoy yourself, you also don't want to worry about money 😕

Part of being an adult is knowing what to spend money on and when. You can make the most of your income with a simple budget or a Needs vs Wants list.

Your needs list will contain essential items like food and transportation while your wants list covers other things you can do well without. We recommend you keep your wants list simple so you can adjust easily when your income changes.

Funny Money Meme

3. Save money to save yourself

Putting money aside will save you from prolonged worries. You can start by creating a savings plan e.g. daily, weekly, monthly, or an X percent of your salary.

The Stash feature on the Sparkle app helps you save with any of the plans above. It also gives you the option of earning interest on your savings.

Some money saved away, no matter how small, gives you a sense of accomplishment that reduces your anxiety.


Financial pressure is a common contributor to a stressful life. When you're constantly worried about money, it's not only your bank account taking a hit - your health does too.

You can combine stress management techniques with the steps above for better results.

What do you want to do today?

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Open a personal or business account with Sparkle and see for yourself how digitally simple life can be.

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