Sparkle Personal

Simple and personalized services at your fingertips...

Open an account in minutes

Open a fully operational individual bank account from anywhere in the world without the exhaustive document. All you need is your Bank Verification Number (BVN), email address and phone number.

Customize your savings

Set different goals and save towards them with Sparkle stash. Saving for a new car, house rent, education or something special? Keep your savings separate from your main balance. You can save for a targeted amount or maintain an open savings.

Analyse your expenses

Keep track of what you spend, when you spend and how you spend. Get the daily, weekly and monthly breadown of your expenses and find out which habit you feed the most.

Payments made easy

Send and receive money to and from other sparklers as well as other account holders from other banks in Nigeria. You can also ask friends and family for money by sending money requests to them.

Go physical or virtual

Make secure and easy purchases online and in-person with Sparkle physical and virtual cards. Have your physical card delivered right to you, anywhere you are in Nigeria. Not a fan of physical cards? Our virtual cards are there as an option.

Talk to Indie

Get 24/7 customer service and sort out any issue you might have concerning your Sparkle account with Indie, your friendly chatbot.