Got questions about Sparkle? Hopefully we can answer them below! Or chat with Indie on the Sparkle App.
Is Sparkle a bank?
Yes, Sparkle is a bank and then more.
Licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), we are what most people would refer to as a digital bank.
We offer financial, lifestyle and business support services to Nigerians across the globe.
How do I get a Sparkle account?
It's really easy!
Just download the Sparkle app on either iOS or Android app store.
Sign up is super simple as you need just your BVN, phone number and email address only…
Bye-bye to exhaustive documents.
Is my money safe with Sparkle?
Yes, your money is safe with Sparkle as we have taken extra measures to ensure that we are better at preventing fraud and stopping account takeovers.
That’s not all. We also have security features that enable you to freeze and unfreeze your debit card from the Sparkle app. You can also turn on and off features like contactless, e-commerce and swipe payments.
There is also insurance cover on your deposits by Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation (NDIC).
Talk about security just how you want it!
What if I live outside Nigeria, can I open a Sparkle account?
Sparkle is inclusive therefore the diaspora community can be a part the Sparkle tribe.
Simply download the Sparkle app from Google Play or iOS App Store to get started (all you need is your BVN, email and phone number).
How old do I need to be to open a Sparkle account?
Currently, to open a Sparkle account, you must be 18 years or older.
However, we are working on getting the younger ones onboard the Sparkle train.
Stay tuned to our social media pages and you will be first to know when we are done.
Do you offer joint accounts?
Currently, you cannot open a Sparkle joint account.
But we co-create with our tribe and consistently come up with solutions that make life super simple for them.
Stay tuned to our social media pages and we will let you know when we begin to offer joint accounts.
Why can't I log in to my Sparkle account?
If you already have an account with Sparkle and have tried to log in but cannot, please delete and reinstall the Sparkle app.
Log in afresh using the email address you originally signed up with and your account should be as good as new.
How do I make complaint?
Using the Sparkle app is easy and straightforward so we expect that you would not have any problems whatsoever.
But if you encounter any challenge while using the app, please get in touch with us via.
- The Sparkle App: You can send us a message through the inbuilt chat within the app.
- Email: You can send us an email on info@sparkle.ng
- Indie: You can talk to Indie, our financial and customer service chatbot.
Can I get my kids on Sparkle?
We currently do not have any solutions for kids on Sparkle but we are working on changing this.
Stay tuned to our social media pages and you will be the first to know when we do.
What is BVN?
Think of your Bank Verification Number as an 11 digit social security number used to identify you across all banks in Nigeria
Why do you need my BVN?
We need your BVN to make sure that it’s you. BVN also helps prevent identity theft
How can I check my BVN?
Just dial *565*0# from your registered mobile number to check your BVN
What is the split transaction feature?
This allows you to share the cost of any payment with any of your contacts on Sparkle. You can choose to split the transaction equally across as many contacts as you want.
Or if someone had more slices of the pizza, our split transaction feature allows you to manually edit.
How can I split a transaction?
To split a transaction, simply:
- Tap the bill in your transaction log.
- Scroll down to “Split this Transaction"
- Select the Sparkle “contacts” you would like to split the transaction with
- Our default setting is to split the transaction equally, however, you can manually edit based on the amount each person owes
- Click “Send Request” and we will send your contact(s) a request for payment